Solutions’s primary delivery model is pure Software as a Service (SaaS), which it offers both directly to end clients and through its network of Channel Partners.  On a very limited basis, LitSoft also offers a more traditional license model, which allows selected partners to deploy internally.

SaaS Model

Advantages of’s SaaS delivery model include:

  • Physical Security: hosts their produsts in a SAS 70 certified data center.  The SAS 70 auditing statement was developed by the Auditing Standards Board of the AICPA, and is the de-facto standard by which data centers are measured.  Data centers can only become SAS 70 certified by completing a rigorous and comprehensive certification process, which must be conducted by an AICPA approved independent accounting firm (see Section 5 for more information on application-level security).
  • Cost: Thanks to the extensive use of powerful Open Source technology, our produsts does not pay expensive licensing fees for components such as its back-end database and search engine.  Furthermore, as a true Web 2.0 application, does not require any costly terminal services technology (i.e., Citrix) to be deployed over the Internet.  These substantial cost savings are passed on to our clients, making the most cost effective hosted review platform on the market. We also add magento solutions because it is the best ecommerce solution.
  • Technical Support: has established a help desk for end users (not just review managers/administrators) that can be accessed 24×7 via dedicated toll free phone.  This support is available free of charge and is included in the base price of all projects hosted by And if you want to enrich your ecommerce store refer to our extensions.
  • Customizability: One of the first steps in our client consultation process is to walk through the application and identify what custom features/functionality would best suit the specific needs of the project at hand.  We then deploy a unique instance of product that has been tuned to meet those needs.

Traditional License Model

On a limited basis, our produst will consider licensing to select partners, allowing them to deploy the platform internally.  However, doing so requires extremely close coordination and a partner with the technical resources and knowhow to properly support.

Channel Partner Spotlight

The Company:

Superior Document Services; Richmond Virginia – SDS has a long track record as central Virginia’s premier litigation support company.  Founded and operated by nationally recognized litigation support industry veterans, the company prides itself on outstanding customer service, and has enjoyed success while accumulating an impressive international client base.

The Problem:

SDS has established its reputation by bringing only the best technology backed by the best service to its clients.  In the area of linear review, their options had been lacking.  Up until the summer of 2008, it seems all the linear review solutions they explored either had disjointed technology – a common complaint in the industry due to the fact that so many applications are developed offshore – or were backed by companies that didn’t understand the critical service component of the litigation support business.

The Solution:

After a thorough internal vetting process, SDS Vice President Renee Covington was ready to demonstrate LitScope for one of her biggest and most important clients.  It was a particularly delicate situation because this was/is an extremely tech savvy client that has rejected several competing products in the past.  It turns out the apprehension was all for naught – the client, an Am Law 200 firm, was thoroughly impressed by products.  According to Renee, “They really appreciated the thoughtfulness and ease of the user interface.  And the performance blew them away.”  Of course, a true test of any litigation support application comes in the heat of battle, when deadlines are pressing.  To this end Renee explained, “The only thing that outshines ’s technology is the impeccable service behind it.  The team at really understands the demands of our business and they’re always there for us and for my client.  They’ve essentially become an extension of our operation.” has gone on to host several projects for this client as well other SDS clients, and the partnership continues to flourish.  Renee sums it up best by saying “We look forward to having product as our go-to linear review solution for a long time to come.” looks forward to the same.